Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Season Finale

It's almost the end of the running season.

Not that the season ever really ends but, once the last races in October happen, and now that triathlons are done for the year, running continues to be a regular physical activity but the long runs hover around 10k. Ten k is a nice place to hang out after the last seven months of training.

It's probably a good thing too.

After last winter's stress fracture recuperation, I was raring to go by the spring. Training for my June half went well and my legs felt great. Summer triathlons also went well, as did the first part of my training for my fall 10 miler and half marathon.

The last two weeks though - my legs have been squawking. No pain, no shin splints (yet) - just some unhappy feelings that tell me that they are getting tired.

It's frustrating because my running is going well. My body feels strong after a summer of consistent activity. My 18k felt almost easy on the weekend and my energy levels are good. But my legs have their limits and I'm not sure I want to push them.

Global Heroes is coming up in four weeks. The Niagara Falls half marathon is coming up in 6. I haven't signed up for the half yet and don't particularly have my heart set on it. It was just a race to keep my training going. So I'm ok if that doesn't happen. But Global Heroes is huge and I need to keep fit and healthy for that. No injuries in the next four weeks!

I've got massages booked. I'm making a dent in the couch from all my lounging and icing that I'm doing there. And I'm listening carefully to my body. Really carefully.

The running season is almost over for the year. Last year - it ended early for me. This year, I'd like it to end on my terms.

Fingers crossed.

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