Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Spades

It's that time of year again.

The leaves are starting to run. Apple cider is being sold by the jug at every roadside fruit stand. Cravings for homemade soup and hot chocolate are starting. My nose drips every time I go outside.

And my marathon man is in training mode.

It's definitely autumn in Ontario.

The next six weeks are rather busy. I have two races coming up. Doug has one (New York). Two if you count the fact that he's my Global Heroes running buddy but I don't really count that because I don't think it's called racing when you have to slow your pace down on the day of the race. It's more of a recovery run for him...

Anyway, let's take a look at long runs for a minute, for a bit of perspective. Long runs are those Saturday morning runs that build build build over the race preparation period and then taper towards the end. Over the next four weekends, I'm going to run 20k, 16k, 10k and 21.1k for a grand total of 67.1k.

Remember, we're only counting long runs here. Not weekday runs.

During that same period, Doug is going to run 32k, 16k, 35k and 25k. A total of 108k. Then he still has a 15k long run followed by his 42.2k marathon.

During the week - I run twice. During the week - he runs four times.

The man is a machine.

You would never guess by looking at him that he's at the hardest part of his training. Not because he doesn't look fit and fabulous - because he does. But because he looks the same as he always does. Long-limbed, full of energy, a constant bounce in his step and an impish twinkle in his eye.

He thrives on this level of activity and, other than an extra yawn or two in the evening, he's good to go.

I used to be impressed by that. Then I tried training for my own marathon. Now I am in absolute awe of it.

Yesterday I wrote about fitness.

Doug has it in spades.

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  1. You guys are so amazing. You should both know that people like you, doing what you do, give many people hope.

    Can't wait to meet you guys!