Friday, September 14, 2012


Does anyone remember the crazy problem I was having with my ears last summer during marathon training?

Like the problem of going almost deaf after 2+ hours of running?

It started during the longer runs last summer. I would be fine for the first hour or two but then my ears would slowly start to plug up and, by hour 3, I was pretty much deaf. If I stopped running, it would clear up in a few minutes. If I resumed, my ears started plugging again almost immediately. It got to the point where I wasn't sure I'd be able to run a marathon because I wasn't sure what would happen if I tried to run 4+ hours.

Would my head explode?

Luckily, I ended up sidelined with a stress fracture before I made it to the four hour zone...

Anyhoo...last fall, I was referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist. They tested my hearing (which was great - whew!) and did a bunch of other tests but couldn't find anything wrong. It could be allergies (but it also happens in the winter). It could be my earbuds (but I only wear one and both ears plug at the same time). It could be my blood pressure (but it seems to be fine). She rebooked me for a follow up appointment.

This appointment happened this past Wednesday morning.

They did the same tests again. My hearing hasn't changed so the doctor feels that, whatever the problem is, it isn't causing any permanent damage.

That's good.

She asked me to stand with my feet together and my arms extended in front of me. "Close your eyes and march up and down until I tell you to stop" she said. I did, feeling ridiculous as the seconds ticked by and she didn't say anything.

Was she even still there?

Did she leave for coffee?

I obviously have ok balance because I haven't fallen over yet. When is this going to end?

"Ok, you can stop and open your eyes."

I did and was shocked. I might not have fallen over but I rotated like a top and went from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock without even feeling it.

What an odd sensation to open your eyes and not be where you think you should be.

She asked if I was ever dizzy. Last year, I would have said no. This year, I can say yes - but only when I'm asked to swim on my back. I hate it. Within seconds I'm dizzy and, even if I only swim 25m, the rooms spins for several minutes once I stop.

That's odd she said - I've never heard of that before. Do I get dizzy when I lie on my back? Nope. When I roll over in bed? Nope. When I swim on my front? Nope.


I seem to be causing a lot of hmmmmms in that office.

I was sent away with very little insight other than: whatever is happening doesn't seem to be causing damage. And call us back if things change.


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  1. I was giggling over here imagining you marching with your arms outstretched and eyes closed.

    Makes me want to try it myself! you must be dominant on the left foot.... did I get that right?

    any way.... good news all around, just don't swim on your back.