Thursday, June 28, 2012

So Close...

...I can almost taste the chlorine.

Some of you might remember the pool saga I described a few months back when my beloved pool had some boiler issues that caused it to be closed down for a few weeks while the debate raged about whether or not to repair the problem. Some of you might also remember that our city is building a new municipal pool that is was scheduled to open months and months ago but has yet to unlock its doors to the public.

Well, they fixed the boiler and the old pool reopened but only until the new pool was ready. That was the deal.

Last Friday, the City announced that the old pool was closing for a week for annual staff training. Since I have not yet been swimming for a year, I was not aware of this annual tradition.

The new pool has still not opened but, when I visited the City's website on June 22nd, it clearly stated that the pool was scheduled to open by the end of June.

On Monday, June 25th, I was missing my Monday morning swim so I texted the City to see if they could confirm a date. They responded almost immediately with "Announcement on the new pool opening coming soon".

On Wednesday morning, I had now missed my second swim of the week and was feeling a little antsy. So I checked the website again but there were no changes. I texted again figuring once every two days isn't technically considered harassment. Plus, the end of June is rapidly approaching so they should probably have at least a sense of when it might open.

They responded with "The StC Kiwanis Aquatic Centre and new St. Catharines Public Library Branch will open to the public July 3. Opening ceremonies @ 3pm".

Yay! We have a date.

So my old pool is still closed for staff training until Saturday the 30th and I'm assuming it will not be reopening for only a day or two, particularly considering that there is a statutory holiday on Monday so it would be closed anyway. The new pool opens to the public next Tuesday. Does that mean it will be open at 6am for the morning swim? I sure hope so because, by then, it will be been almost two weeks since my last real swim workout.

I tweeted again....and have yet to hear a response.

I'm thinking I had better schedule an open-water swim this weekend. My gills are starting to dry out!

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