Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not a Team Player

I received an email at work yesterday about a United Way fundraiser that involved playing volleyball or dodgeball. I dutifully shared it with my team in case anyone was interested. I figured just because the words volleyball and dodgeball give me the heebie-jeebies doesn't mean that they have the same effect on everyone.

There are some things about me that change over time. There are some things that do not.

My absolute abhorrence for team sports has not changed at all since I was a very young child.

I do not play well on a team. Never have. Particularly when it comes to sports that involved balls flying towards me at high speeds.

Volleyball. Dodgeball. Basketball. Soccer. Baseball. All of these bring out the terrified child in me. Perhaps it's my rather poor hand-eye coordination. Perhaps it's my inability to judge speed or distance very well. It might be my fear of letting the team down as I scream and cover my head rather than actually hit the ball.

Whatever the reason - I do NOT join sports teams and I can't imagine how much money would have to be offered before I agree to play first base.

(not that anyone would actually want me to play first base because I totally suck at catching and throwing things but still - it would have to be a lot of money)

Solitary activities tend to be my sports of choice. I don't mind running, cycling or swimming with other people, I just don't like other people's performance hinging on mine.

Oh, and did I mention I hate things flying towards my head at high speeds?

I must admit that I have joined curling and I really enjoy it. It is a team sport and I do feel the stress mounting when the score is tight but the league we play with is out for fun, not to win, so I'm ok with it most of the time.

Plus the rocks are just too damn heavy to lift, never mind hurl, so I'm not too worried about stray curling rocks hitting anything other than my feet.

I don't know why I have this irrational fear of things hitting my head - it's not like some traumatic head hitting event happened to me as a child...

...that I remember at least...


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  1. I can definitely relate to this post! On my first day of kindergarten I was hit hard in the face with a soccer ball. Ever since then I have a fear of being hit in the face! I did play fastball, but had to play the field as less likely to get hit. In my late twenties a friend convinced me to join a ladies soccer team. I was hopeless! I could run all day long, but as soon as a ball came at me in the air I would literally duck. The thought of heading a ball terrifies me, lol. Great post and love the blog!