Friday, April 27, 2012

The Week Ahead, The Month Ahead

Happy Friday folks!

Time to wrap up a week, settle into the weekend and look ahead at what's on the horizon. And it's looking like a pretty cluttered horizon.

Today after work, Doug and I are hopping on the highway and heading to Toronto to meet up with my cousin and her fiancĂ©.  They are getting married in July and asked the two of us to be their wedding photographers. So we're scouting out the church and the reception hall and planning out the details for the big day. Doug and I love any kind of photography and we have worked together on things before but never a wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing how we do as tag-team wedding photographers.

Saturday morning means a 20k run. To be honest, when I created my training schedule for the Niagara Falls Women's half marathon, I wasn't sure how far I would get. When I entered 20k into the schedule, I was still only running 30 minutes. The thought of running for over two hours seemed completely foreign. I might as well have been planning out the details for a trip to the moon. An ambitious goal to dream about but not feel defeated if I didn't attain it. A mere two months later, here I am sitting at my laptop laying out a 20k running route for myself. On one hand it's pretty unbelievable. On the other, it feels perfectly natural. I think that's the part that makes me happiest. Running 20k tomorrow almost feels like no big deal.


Two months ago, I announced that I would be working from home for the month of March. I would be sitting at my kitchen table updating our agency's entire policy and procedure manual. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men...often go awry. So I sat at my kitchen table for two months - and got them half done. Policy writing - as it turns out - is a ridiculously slow process. Particularly when there are many cooks...

On Monday, for better or for worse, I'm headed back to the office. There are other responsibilities on my plate and policy-writing will no longer be my only priority. Heading back to the office, to constant noise and people and interruptions and distractions will be a shock to my system after two months of absolute quiet, homemade coffee...and yoga pants.

In other news, on Monday night I will be meeting some new friends. A bunch of people in Niagara have formed an online type 1 diabetes group. Monday night will be our first live meeting. Nothing major - just a Starbucks date to introduce ourselves and plan a potluck dinner. Still though - it will be pretty neat to meet some local T1s and sit at a table where everyone just 'gets it'.

Wednesday night, I'm meeting up with a friend I never see enough of. We'll sip wine, laugh our heads off, catch up on all the gossip and I'll feel so much better for it. Wednesday cannot come fast enough.

I'm finding it a little shocking that it's May next week. Wasn't it just Christmas a few days ago? May, according to the calendar means lots of running, outdoor cycling, sister dates in Toronto (we're going out for octopus salad!) and the Cabot Trail Relay Race. It's going to a busy four weeks - full of things that make me happy, motivate me and inspire me.

The Cabot Trail Relay Race is four weeks away. I'm looking forward to the race but, even more, I'm looking forward to seeing the ocean again.  I'm an ocean girl and I never get enough of it. I cannot wait to smell the salty air, perhaps spot a whale tail on the horizon and feast on lobster and scallops. For those of you who know me - being by the ocean is as close to heaven as is possible for me to get.

Four more weeks...

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