Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Try The Chocolatey Nuclear Witch Apple - They're Delicious!

Yesterday's blog was written sitting on the couch at the end of a long day of exploration and travel.  I tried to capture everything about four days in NYC in one photo essay but there were so many little things that got missed that I'm taking you back to New York just so I can share some more.

Today's themes are a little more random and will include being tested for nuclear residue, delicious witches and Apple.

Twice during the trip I had to run the airport security gauntlet and twice I was pulled over.  Both times I declared my pump, my needles and my above the limit liquids.  Both times, my luggage made it through without a hitch but I was asked to step to the side for extra screening.  I was asked to handle my pump (i.e. touch it with both hands) and then they swabbed my hands.  According to the nice lady they were looking for nuclear residue.

Funny how, even though I was 100% confident that I had not been handling radioactive substances, I immediately thought "Omigod, what if I touched something that someone who had just make a bomb touched and now they're going to find it on my hands!?!".  Thankfully radioactive materials are a little less common than, say, cold germs so I survived without a swat team intervention.

Still, I'm always glad when I get the ok to put my shoes and belt back on and carry on with my journey.

I just have to show you this:

This, my friends, is a Fat Witch brownie.  It is officially (as in I have declared it so) the world's bestest and most richest, yummiest, chewiest, chocolatiest brownie. 

You can get it at the Fat Witch bakery at the Chelsea market and it is worth the airfare just to go stock up.  

Trust me.

And if I find out that anyone within driving distance from Niagara has been to NYC and has not brought me back a dozen of them - there will be hell to pay. 

I just checked their website and they do ship brownies. I will pretend that I did NOT just read that...unless anyone wants to join me in placing a large order.

Finally, may I just say the Apple is officially the coolest store?  We saw three Apple stores in New York City and two of them were quite impressive.  The third was just regular run of the mill awesome. 

The first was in Grand Central Terminal.  Doug was excited to go and I figured it was an Apple store.  You know, glass everywhere, hip looking tattooed kids talking the talk and wearing their apple logo t-shirts.   Tiny computers and huge screens.  

I did not realize that Apple had somehow managed to obtain the entire second level space at the terminal and that they had an 'open air store'.  It extended through several rooms but there weren't really walls or doors or anything.  It was just a big open space full of technology.  Kinda like a really cool flea market. 

Walking up Fifth Avenue towards Central Park, we got to the edge of the Park and were checking out the Park Hotel.  Very famous!  Across the street, we spotted a glass cube with an Apple logo on it.  I figured, as first glance, that it was an advertisement. 

We looked more closely and noticed doors.  And stairs.  And an elevator!?!  Yes indeed, there is an Apple store below Fifth Avenue. 

Doug heading underground to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store.  I took the photo standing on the sidewalk. 

The final shot taken from inside the store.  The store is at the bottom of the shot, the stairs take you up to the street.  The elevator goes up and down the centre of the staircase and the Park Hotel is visible across the street.  How very Steve Jobs. 

Stay tuned for Wednesday's tale of the sights, smells and tastes of NYC. 

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  1. Oh, airport security..... I just got back from my little vacation home. I went to the airport straight from my job with radioactive materials and chemicals (and had the "uh-oh" thought as they were swabbing my hands). On the way back this morning, I was wearing the same jacket that I had earlier in the week when I had handled some guns. Well, I made it through both times. Airport security makes me SO nervous.

    Oh, those brownies sound sinfully delicious. Thank goodness I live on the other coast. Phew....