Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blog Stats

Time for another blog stat report.

In the past month, Running on Carbs had 7,109 visits. That's probably not very much for some bloggers but that sure seems like a lot to me. I think many of them even came on purpose which is super nice of them.

Most visitors, by far, come from the United States which rang in at 3367 visits. France was second at 1833. Canada, a distant third, at 865 and Ireland (!) was fourth at 183. As a 50% French-Canadian, 50% Irish lassie who lives right next to the US border, this seems pretty perfect to me.

The best part of blog stats? The searches people did that brought them to my blog.

Here's the latest roundup of searches topics that resulted in another random blog hit.

- how tough my feet got
- strawberry down the rabbit hole 1
- running on spoons and lupus
- watermine tattoo
- eat carrots get hiccups
- carrots hiccups
- carrots give hiccups
- raw carrots and hiccups
- poutine

There appears to be a rash of eat raw carrots get the hiccups going around.

Who knew that a post about how carrots give me hiccups would end up being one of my most popular blogs?

And did you notice? Not one search about running, triathlons...or diabetes.


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