Friday, November 7, 2014

Progress. Slow and Steady.

Two weeks into my return to the land of the healthy and my attempt to rediscover my old, familiar fitness level.

Two weeks worth of early morning runs.

Two weeks worth of after work CoreFit and Tabata classes.

My morning runs have gone from terribly hard to kinda hard to ok fine I'll go but I'd still rather stay snuggled under the covers to yay it's 5:15am, time to get up and run.

My evening classes have gone from it would be much easier to hold this plank if I wasn't coughing so much and shaking like a leaf to having the energy to not only do the cardio but bounce while doing it to thinking that the 7lb weights aren't quite heavy enough to sure, I'll join you for mussels and a glass of wine after class.

I'm still convinced that the chronic-ness of type 1 diabetes has less of an impact on my ability to live my life than a simple cold does.

Four weeks after feeling the first scratch in my throat I'm still coughing in the morning when I wake up and at the end of the day. My energy is probably 75% and people still, lovingly I'm sure, say things like "wow, you look exhausted" at uncomfortably regular intervals.

That being said, I'm writing this after a 7k early morning run and a tough tabata class. I still have the energy to prepare a healthy dinner rather than make a quick bowl of cereal and, after my dishes are done, I'm planning to spend an hour listening to a new podcast my sister recommended.

Then I'll head to bed.

Progress people. Slow but steady progress.

Soon, I hope, I will forget what it felt like to be sick because I'll be so happy enjoying what it feels like to be well.

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