Friday, September 27, 2013

My Logic May Not Be Your Logic

Yesterday I was at an all-day meeting that was out of town. When we were planning the meeting, we talked about going out for lunch. A few days later we then decided that it made more sense to order in from the restaurant next door so that we could work right through. 

When we were planning to go out for lunch, I was happy to do that. 

Once I heard we were ordering in, I immediately thought 'great, I can bring my own lunch!'. 

Yesterday, six ladies perused the menu and ordered a variety of things from the local irish pup. I headed to the office kitchen and reheated my quinoa, kale, black bean, sweet potato concoction. 


Because I'm pretty picky with what I spend disposable income on and meals out don't usually make the cut...unless we're on vacation or celebrating something. 

And because given the choice between a healthy, already prepared lunch or a restaurant lunch that usually ends up being more calories, salt, carbs etc than I want, I'll pick the health option.  


Yesterday I called my car dealership about a tire deal they had going on. They are having a buy three get one for $1 all-season tire sale. I will be putting my winter tires on in a few months and, in the spring, I will need to buy new all-season tires because the ones I have on now are nearing the end of the life. When I heard about this deal I called. I got all the prices, confirmed that they would store them for me all winter at no cost, confirmed that the deal was actually pretty competitive...and then decided not to do it. 


Because if I buy the tires now, it's an unplanned purchased that I haven't yet saved for. That means that it goes on my credit card. If I wait until spring, I will have saved up the money I need for new tires and I can pay in cash. There may or may not be a deal in the spring but, even if there isn't, I will still save all the interest that would have been charged to my card as I pay off the tires. 


The other night I was sitting on the couch wearing pants and a t-shirt. It was a little chilly in the house and Doug asked if I wanted a blanket. I said no. 


I told him I was going to bed in a few minutes and, if I curl up under a blanket, I won't want to get off the couch and go to bed. If I stay a little chilly, I'll finish what I'm doing and then head to bed where it's warm. 

He looked at me, smiled and said "I'm sure there is logic in there somewhere".

It's funny eh? I'm a pretty logical person and I make most decisions based on well-thought out, rational reasons. They always make sense to me and I can always defend my thinking process. 

It doesn't mean that the thinking process make sense to the people who live outside of my head. 

I guess that's what makes life interesting though isn't it? If everyone thought and acted the same, we'd never be able to cock our heads at the ones we love and wonder what they heck they're thinking. 

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