Wednesday, November 28, 2012

While I'm Away

It's been a crazy week away with long long work days and very little blogging time. I did not have time to write something wise or witty for this morning's blog. So I'm leaving you two short videos to watch that may inspire. Both videos are from the 2012 Global Heroes weekend that I had the honour of being part of.

This one is the Global Heroes 2012 promotional add. All those fabulous people running were the people I had the honour of meeting back in October. If you look carefully, I'm in there too...twice!

This is a slightly longer video that introduces the heroes and includes clips from our interviews. 

So meet my new friends, feel inspired and I'll see you all tomorrow. Friday at the latest. 

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  1. AND you were recently featured on the Medtronic blog! That totally counts as content worth sharing. :-),-Celine-Parent