Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I've been away for almost a week. Living out of a suitcase. Sleeping in strange beds. Wondering if I should be worried about bedbugs...

What did I miss while I was away? Aside from the very obvious answer of Doug of course...

  • my fruit, yogurt, vitamin, fibre-filled delicious morning shake
  • my bed
  • moving
We put in three 13+hour days and I also spent hours driving to and from so, in the past week, I did not manage to squeeze nearly enough exercise into my schedule. I fit in two runs (one on Saturday and one on Tuesday) and that was it. No swimming. Not even a five minute walk. 

Days started at 6:00am and didn't end until after 9pm. I sat, walked down the hall, sat again. We had working lunches and working dinners. My brain got a fabulous workout but my body suffered the consequence. It feels swollen and decidedly unfit. 

My blood sugars held their own for the first day (thanks to residual exercise benefits) and did relatively ok the second day. After that, I fought constant highs because of the lack of movement and the food options. 

It was a great few days and I certainly learned a lot. But I'm glad to be home, in my bed, eating my breakfast shake and with the time to run, swim, stretch and just take care of my body as well as my brain. 

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  1. Hi. My name is Sherry and I have had diabetes for 20 years now and have been pumping for 12 of them. I am so excited to have come upon this blog! I just ran my first half marathon earlier this month and I love to run too! I will have to follow your blog! So happy to know about someone that has the same issues I do when we go out for a run! Thanks for encouraging me today!