Thursday, August 9, 2012

Out of Sight...

Why is it that when I have unopened bottles of wine in the cupboard - they can happily sit there unopened?

Or when I have unopened bags of chocolate chips in the cupboard - they sit unopened?

Or when I don't have shacks at work like peanut butter filled pretzels or chocolate mint cups, I don't crave them?

And yet...

if the bottle is open, I will drink it,

if the bag is open, I will grab a handful or two of chocolate chips,

and if there are peanut butter pretzels at work I will check my sugar, bolus for a handful, eat them, check my sugar again in an hour, bolus again, eat again...all day.

Out of sight out of mind is right.


Good thing is that I know myself well enough not to open the bottle of wine or the bag of chocolate chips.

And I only have treats like that at work every three weeks for a few days (leftover from a regular meeting I run).

I enjoy it when it's there but I don't really miss it when it's not.

Yesterday was a peanut butter pretzel glass of wine kinda day.

Today is not.

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