Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to your Burrow

I had another crazy rabbit day yesterday.

What's a crazy rabbit day?

This is a crazy rabbit day:

You can read all my original crazy rabbit day here. 

Tuesday morning dawned kinda grey and overcast but lovely for running. My blood sugar was 9.2 when I woke up which is higher than my usual morning number but not ridiculous. Usually, when I'm 5-6 and have to run between 5k and 7k I will have a gel before the run and come back home at pretty much the same number that I started out at. 

I didn't take anything and ran for 35 minutes. I was 7.0 when I got back. Not bad at all but I would have expected something closer to 5. 

Anyway, I had my regular breakfast at 7:30am and bolused the full amount. I checked my sugar at 9am and I was 7.0. A little low that soon after eating but the little voice in my head said not to eat anything so I didn't. 

I checked again at 11am and I was 18.9. 

That's when I heard the welcoming chime of diabetes crazytown. "Welcome back!!!" screamed the rabbits. "It's been a while!".

I ignored them and took a correction bolus. By 11:30am I was 13.0 so I bolused for lunch, waited about 20 minutes for good measure and then ate my lunch around noon. 

I tested at 1:30pm and I was 7.0. Again, pretty low that soon after lunch but I did nothing about it. 

I waited until 3pm and checked again. I was 12.8. 

I corrected with a sigh and was 10.0 when I left work at 4pm. 

I was 5.0 at 4:30pm and 4.4 at 5:00pm. I had a few fruit chews to keep me in the safe zone and then helped Doug make dinner. 

Dinner was a brilliant brainstorm on Doug's part to get rid of aging asparagus and four pieces of peameal bacon. Eggs Benedict with poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce. We even learned how to save the sauce when it separates by pouring in a bit of cold water and whisking like mad. 

If only all leftovers looked this delicious!

Definitely not low fat but pretty low carb. I bolused for the english muffin and promptly got back on the roller coaster. Lower than normal after dinner and then high an hour later. 


I was due for a pump change anyway so I did that after dinner. 

I followed it up with a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie because, well, because it's just really tasty. 

Here's hoping the crazy rabbit gets his fuzzy little ass back to his wee burrow. He is NOT my favourite houseguest. 


  1. I hate crazy rabbit day. Although I love the name you have given such a day :-)

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