Friday, July 27, 2012

My Week In Bullet Points

Things that happened this week

  • I registered for the Niagara triathlon (yay!) but, when it came time to choose my shirt size, I was stumped. Ladies medium is size 8-10 and Ladies large is size 12-14. Hello! What about people like me who are a 10-12? I crossed my fingers and chose large. Here's hoping...
  • I bought luggage. I'm not really going anywhere for a while but the only wheelie suitcase I have is a carry-on size which doesn't work well unless I'm going somewhere really hot for the weekend. The Bay is having a crazy sale (like 70% off) so I bought luggage. Beautiful, red, big enough to fit all my stuff, luggage. The only problem is that it clashes with my beautiful orange camera bag. Oh the horror! 
  • I had a back massage. I go for a monthly massage but my legs always need tending so my back, shoulders and neck are ignored completely in order to keep me in running form. In fact, my last back massage was in 2009 - I remember because it was during a very stressful time at work. Well, apparently something doesn't have to hurt for it to be really really tight. Janice ripped me apart for an hour and, two days later, I still feel like I was tied to a pole while people shot golf balls at my back with a potato gun. I keep thinking I'm getting sick because my neck and throat hurts and I have to keep reminding myself that, no, I'm not sick - just a little uptight. 
  • Dogs can be really scary. I like plenty of dogs and don't mind others. I've never been scared by one before...until last Friday. I came out of a house after an appointment. A strange dog that had a pit bull look about him darted out from the bushes and started jumping up on me, clawing at my pump, scratching my arms and drooling all over me. I was halfway down the driveway and far enough away from my car to be worried I wouldn't make it. I shuffled along, my arms wrapped around myself to protect the pump and infusion site, mumbling "it's ok" over and over again (more to myself than to the dog). I managed to get to my car, open the door enough to slither in and push his face away with my foot to shut the door. He then proceeded to jump up against my window, clawing and slobbering as I slowly backed out. My car door and window looked like something out of a scene from Cujo. 
  • I write a lot. I bought a fountain pen a few months back which I LOVE. It is my writing instrument of choice and I bring it with me to all of the meetings I attend...and I attend a lot of meetings. In a few short months I've gone through five ink refills. I have placed an online order and asked for two boxes of five. Hopefully that lasts until Christmas. (don't tell anyone but I also ordered another pen).
  • I went bathing suit hunting the other night because all the stores seem to have bathing suits on sale. I have been wearing the same suit since I started swimming last October. Between the 15-pound weight loss and the thrice weekly dips in chlorine, it's getting a little frumpy. Unfortunately, only the bikinis and the old lady suits with the tummy taming ruffles and the skirts seemed to be on sale. Oh, and the athletic ones in really ugly colours. I left empty-handed. 
And that, folks, is that. 

Looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies tonight and two weeks of watching the best of the best. Vas-y fort Canada! 

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