Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Toast

Last week I wrote a blog about juggling.  In particular, juggling family and friends with all of the other demands in our lives.  I was lamenting that I had been so busy with my family over the past two months that I was missing my friends.  Well, here's the update of what's happened since then.

- I had lunch last weekend with my friend Elison.  She's a great friend from my university days.  In between fits of laughter we realized that it has been almost 18 1/2 years since we met.  I first laid eyes on her when we moved into residence in first year (September of 1993 - gasp!).  She and I ended up moving in to the same floor in residence.  Two doors down from each other.  Our residence floor was famously called The Morgue - because it was all girls and a very studious (i.e. no loud parties) floor.  In fact, we all had to fill out an application form before we got there to confirm that we did indeed want to live on an all-girls floor full of studious folks.  Sounds boring for first year but, trust me, we had a ball.

- During lunch, Elison and I decided it was high time that the Morgue ladies reunited again.  It's been about three years since our last gathering and there have been plenty of babies and other monumental life changes that occurred since then.  I sent out an email with a few possible dates and, within two days, 5 out of 7 ladies replied that they could indeed make it.  Yay - a Morgue reunion!!  We're meeting in Vaughn at Allison's house because, unbeknownst to me, she had a baby two weeks ago.

- I then sent out an email to my two high school friends (Brigitte and Pam).  We haven't seen each other since Pam's wedding in November so we're due for a catch up too.  We have lunch planned in a few weeks so we can check out the wedding pictures, hear all the crazy stories about Brigitte's kids and I will, as per usual, horrify them with my crazy running and swimming schedule.

- Scully - I'm still waiting for a few dates from you so we can plan our get together with Erin (hi Erin!).

As I watch my weekends fill up with reunions and lunches, I have to make sure I leave time for family visits and Doug time.  Otherwise, I'll be writing a blog in two months about never seeing the people I love the most.

But I must say that it's wonderful to have so many long-lasting, strong friendships that survive the test of time and distance.

I propose a toast - to friendship.


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