Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seeing the Trees, Not the Forest

When it comes to most things in life, I walk with my head held high - ready to take on whatever life tosses my way.

When it comes to diabetes management, I keep my head down.

Not because I'm ashamed, or embarrassed, or overwhelmed.  Just because it's easier to look at the trees rather than the forest.

Let me esplain.  No there is too much.  Let me sum up.

Scully and I were emailing last week about crazy blood sugars.  I complained that I had sat at 23 for a few hours the night before, finally come down to a happy range and was back up to 16 again the next morning after breakfast.


When I am overwhelmingly busy at work, sometimes it helps to look ahead a month or a year and make a plan to tackle things.  When I am plotting out my running schedule, my budget, or my travel plans, it's essential that I look ahead at the challenges and plan for them. When it comes to diabetes, if I lift my head up and look ahead at the next month, the next year or the next 50 years, all I can see are blood sugar tests, medical appointments, stubborn highs and scary lows.  How fun is that?

So I don't.  If I take each number as it comes, I can deal with it.  I'm 23.  Deal with it.  I'm 2.5.  Deal with it.  Track things for a few weeks before Diabetes Centre appointments to look for trends but don't look further ahead or further back than that.

I'll be honest - if someone told me that they don't ever lift their head up and they just deal with every little thing as it comes - I will gently suggest that perhaps they should maybe consider investing for their retirement, or saving money, or getting an oil change, or squeezing some exercise into their day.  I'm not advocating the ostrich approach to life.

That's called refusing to cope with reality and believing that, if you can't see something, it won't come bite you in the ass. 

I'm just advocating that, for some things, it's important to see the forest.

For others, it's important to take it one tree at a time. 

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