Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Months Ago

I was sitting here thinking about all the little things that have changed in the past two months and figured it was time for one of those 'reflections' blog posts. 

This morning, my alarm went off at 6:30am.  Two months ago, that would have been perfectly normal.  Today that means I got to sleep in for an hour and a half.  Early morning runs four days a week means that 5:00am wake up calls are now the norm.

Weekends used to mean staying up a little bit later, watching movies and nibbling on homemade cookies. Now my bedtime is 9pm, no matter what night it is. In fact, my mother emailed me on Sunday night because she had a question at 8:45pm and she didn't want to call in case she woke me up.  Sad.

Last summer, I wore sandals most days, making it easy to pick outfits for any occasion.  This summer, it's becoming increasingly hard to figure out what to wear that might go with my running shoes and compression socks.  Anything fancy sends me into a mild panic as I wonder whether my shins and feet will be able to handle different footwear.

Two months ago, I changed my insulin pump every four days.  Now, for the third time in a row, it has lasted six days.  All this activity has completely changed how my body uses insulin. 

Two months ago, I joked (but it's true!) that my weight never changes and that I was always between 171-169 pounds - no matter how much running I did (or didn't do).  Today, my weight is 166 lbs and has been there for a while now.  Crazy.

Two months ago, I wore t-shirts and CWX shorts which went down to my knees.  That was as far as my comfort zone went when it came to summer running gear.  Today I wear short shorts and a running tank top.  And I shudder at the thought of cooler temps forcing me to put more clothes on.

Two months ago, people would ask me during long runs if I was ok.  Today, they tell me that I'm looking strong. Hearing that from people who always look really strong feels pretty damn good.

Two months ago, I was standing at the start line of marathon training wondering if I had what it takes to do this.  I no longer wonder that.  I just do it.


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  1. I hear Benny lately telling new runners "you need to make running fit into your lifestyle, and not your lifestyle fit into your running." I guess that only applies to newbies. Now the first thing I pack for vacation; running gear. Activities are planned around; well I have to run on these days, so that's out. I now often think "what did I do with all my time before?"