Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Heart Books

Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

Some signs I find a little farfetched -  like seeing baby Jesus' face in the icing sugar topping of a piece of chocolate cake.

Seriously folks??!

Other signs, like four separate people telling me that I look exhausted, I pay attention to.

Apparently a month of early morning runs can wear a person down.  I was feeling it but I often feel tired which means that it's a challenge to figure out how tired I really am.  So I look for the signs.  Typically, when people tell me that I'm looking worn out, that's a sign that I'm about at my limit. 

So, I have switched back to running after work and getting up at a more decent 6:30am.  Today is my second day in a row of 'sleeping in'. While I certainly won't catch up after only a few nights, I am feeling a little more perky than I was last week so I'm taking that as a good sign.  Especially considering that I am a) going to be up at odd hours this weekend driving runners around and b) starting three more weeks of hard running. 

Anyway, now that you all know that I'm tired, let's move on to something a little more interesting.


I'm a big reader.  Love love love getting lost in a book. 

I love reading books.  I love telling people about books I've read and loved.  I pass them around like heroin and enjoy them a second (third and fourth) time through other people.

Next week is vacation time and, after we survive the relay, Doug and I are heading off for a few days of sitting by a lake.  He's a perpetual bundle of energy so he'll putter around, sit for ten minutes and then putter around again.  I, on the other hand, will happily sit all day buried in a book, lifting my head to acknowledge the call of the loon and then burying back down again. 

Recently, I have discovered the joys of the public library and I'm working out my strategy to maximize my reading opportunities.  Here's what I do. I find all sorts of good book recommendations on the CBCBooks website, put them all on hold and then read them as they come in. 

It's fabulous!

And free.

And it encourages me to read things I wouldn't normally read because I don't like spending money on books that I don't enjoy. 

I have a whole bunch of books on hold right now and just received a recorded message telling me that one of them came in. 

I have no idea which one. 

It's like Christmas!

I'm heading in there tomorrow to pick it up and it will be my vacation book. 

So friends, if anyone out there has a fabulous book recommendation, let me know.  I'll add it to my hold list at the library.

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