Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stronger Together

Being in tune with my body is something that I've always done (as far back as I can remember anyway) but I've certainly honed my skills since becoming a person with diabetes. 

One thing I've always been amazed by is my body's ability to hold on when it needs to hold on and then utterly collapse when it has the opportunity.  

I remember pushing my body beyond its limits during exams in university.  I did not get enough sleep, I did not eat as well as I should and I was mentally and physically exhausted.  My body held on but I knew I would pay for my sins.  My body seemed to know exactly how long it had to hold strong - I literally handed in my final exam, sneezed once and hardly made it back to my room before being overcome by a horrible cold that held on most of my Christmas vacation.  

My body seems to do the same thing with running.  Last week, I put a lot of mileage on my legs.  On every run, they felt strong and I did not have any shin pain, calf tightness or other discomfort.  Even after running 20k, they felt great.  

Last night, I had to pull off an easy 40 minute run.  


Tight calves and ankles.  Sore shins.  Even my feet acted up.  

My body holds up when I really need it to but as soon as it hears the words 'easy week' it falls apart. 

Every easy week results in a predictable body breakdown but, ironically, the fact that it's an easy week makes it ok.  Geoff will take care of things on Thursday.  I am supposed to take'er easy on this week's runs so I'm not bothered when they don't go well.  

My body needs a break - it's going to get a break.  

The only way that this marathon is going to happen is if my body and I work together.  It does what it needs to do when I ask it.  I have to do everything I can to take care of it - with an extra bit of TLC on the easy weeks. 

Alone we are strong.  Together we are stronger. 

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