Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peaceful Panting

Day two of the wake up at 5am to beat the heat routine. 

My body is loving it.  I actually woke up a few minutes before the alarm.  Who does that at 5am?

Today's run was only 30 minutes so I took my perfect 30 minute route.  It's a nice big loop with one hill thrown in.  I ran through quiet suburbs and marvelled at all the things that happen at that hour of the day. 

At the beginning of my run, I had a weird feeling of being followed.  By a small red car.  I memorized the license plate (that's what they do on TV non?) before I realized that the frequent stops were simply due to the early morning delivery of the Globe and Mail. 

Yesterday, there seemed to be cardinals everywhere.  This morning - not one.  Perhaps I was in the wrong neighbourhood.  Higher taxes and all that...

I saw a couple sitting on their front porch drinking coffee together.  At 5:30am. 

I saw people arriving at 97.7 HTZ-FM for the 6am shift.

I smelled a skunk and had a brief moment of panic.  I forgot those little guys are out in the early morning.  I actually worked through what I would need to do to cancel today's big meeting should I get sprayed.   Luckily there were no sightings - just a lingering odor in the air.

It's a weird mix of feelings when I run at that time of the day.  My blood is pumping, my breath is laboured and yet I feel an absolute sense of peace at the same time.

Sitting on the porch afterwards, dripping in sweat and waiting for the breeze to cool me off, I stretched my achy legs and sipped my water.  It was still so quiet.

Mornings are nice.

Really nice.

Tomorrow's run is supposed to be hills.  So, as the sun is rising, there will be a lone girl panting and gasping and smiling her way up the hill.

Keeping one eye out for skunks.

And feeling very grateful to be able to get the run in before the temperature hits the predicted 45 degrees with humidity.

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