Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Goal Update

We're four months into the year and it is goal update time again.  My list of goals is getting smaller by the minute...for all sorts of reasons.

I may need to add a few more just to spice things up a bit.

Here is my list of goals for 2013 as it stood on January 1st.

log 1000km of running this year
run the Tel Aviv half marathon
complete three triathlons, including one Olympic distance
stay injury free
pay down debt

Here is the update: 

Log 1000km of running. By the end of March, I had logged 258km of running. One month later, I have logged exactly 258km of running. I did not run one step last month thanks to my foot injury which, according to my massage therapist, is looking more and more like a stress fracture than a bruised foot. So I'm four weeks into my recovery and probably four weeks away from my first baby run. My goal of 1000km this year is fading fast. 

Run the Tel Aviv half marathon - done! 

Complete three triathlons, including one Olympic distance. The first triathlon I was going to do this season is the last weekend in June. If I don't start running until the end of May, I may not be able to safely build back up to the required 7.5km by then. So I may be signing up for the swim/bike portion (swim 750m and bike 30km) but not the run. It would let me get back into the swing of doing multi-sports but it won't officially be a triathlon so I certainly can't count it towards my goal. 

I am signed up for an Olympic distance in July which, if all goes well with my foot, I should be able to do. The thought of doing an Olympic distance as my first tri of the season is a little daunting but doable I think. Then I will most likely do the Niagara and then the Guelph tris later in August and September, bringing my total up to three. So the goal is not met but it's still quite possible. I'll know more in a month as to how possible it really is.

Stay injury free. Well, I think we can officially scratch that goal off the list. A stress fracture (or an assumed one anyway) qualifies as an badass injury. My new goal is to recover from my foot injury and be back running strong by the middle of the summer. 

Pay down debt. Well, I'm inching my way along with that goal but the numbers are moving down much more slowly than I would like. I'm proud to say that I survived my trip to Israel in good shape and didn't add anything extra to my debt by going. This month I was able to pay off another small chunk but then had to make a large credit card purchase because I needed to stock up on pump supplies. Sadly I needed to stock up on my Medtronic supplies (I had none left) but will only use 3/10 sets before I get my Animas pump in two weeks. So I will need to buy Animas supplies now. Anyone want to buy some Medtronic infusion sets and reservoirs at a discount? If not, I may get trained on Animas but then continue to wear Medtronic for 4-6 weeks to use up those expensive supplies. 

I'm thinking that I may need to add a few more goals to the mix just to make things more interesting. Goals like: 
- play 10 rounds of golf this summer. 
- play the baby steps golf course until I can do it in 50 rather than 61. 
- complete two events in the Activ Swim Series. Doug and I went to an open house at a local multi-sport store and discovered that they are planning a summer swim series where, on 6 Fridays this summer, they will be hosting timed swims at the half-ironman (1.9k) and ironman (3.8k) distances. I would love to swim 3.8k in open water. I've done it in the pool but never that long in open water before. So I think I'll add: swim a half-ironman and an ironman swim distance with the Activ Swim Series. 

Come back on June first to find out how May shaped up. 

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