Friday, March 1, 2013

February Goal Update

We are now two months in to 2013. How are those resolutions coming??

It's time for my update and doing it on my blog helps keep my honest - and focused.

My goals that I'm working on are:

  • to log over 1000k of running this year  
  • to run the Tel Aviv half on March 15th
  • to stay injury-free
  • to complete three triathlons, including one Olympic distance
  • to pay down my debt
My updates as of February 28th are:

  • I ran 105 kilometres in February. If you add that to the 87k I ran in January I am up to 192k so far and well on my way to hitting 1000km by the end of the year. In February I had four long runs that definitely helped my overall total. I logged 18k, 20k, 22k and then 10k on my Saturday runs. That was 70k on weekends alone. 
  • I am all signed up and ready to run the Tel Aviv half. I leave for Israel on the 11th and run at 7:15am (Israel time) on the 15th so, by the time most of you wake up, I'll have crossed the finish line and will be sitting by the Mediterranean sea sipping freshly squeezed pomegranate juice with my sista. 
  • I am injury-free so far. It has been a month since my last massage (which sounds an awful lot like a confession) and I don't have one scheduled until next Friday. Five weeks is longer than my legs like to go between massages so they are feeling tired and tight. That being said, they carried me through the toughest part of my training with hardly a complaint. I'm very pleased with that and, without a doubt, my swimming has helped keep my legs in running form. 
  • I have not yet climbed on my bike and trainer to begin triathlon training but I plan to add at least one weekly bike session once I'm back from Israel. That means that I'll be on the bike the first week of April. Plenty of time for my first triathlon at the end of June in Welland. 
  • Pay down debt? Well it's obviously a work in progress and my goal for February was to not accumulate any more debt as I saved up a bit of $$ for my trip. I managed to save up enough to be able to enjoy myself (frugally) but did dip a little deeper into debt. Thankfully March means income tax returns and my quarterly cheque for insulin pump supplies so it's only a temporary slip. I know that it's a once in a lifetime trip but I hate going deeper in debt. I'm all about digging myself out. 
That's the update folks! 

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