Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life-Imposed Easy Week

Life takes care of me sometimes. 

Normally this happens when I'm too much of a doze to do it for myself.

When I'm training for a race there is a fairly strict running schedule to follow.  The basic routine is: run three hards weeks and then one easy recovery week and then three hard weeks again. Continue ad nauseum until race day.  Take a week or two off and then get back on the horse.

When I'm not training - I just run.  Four times a week including a long run on Saturday.  The long run distance is determined by how the heck I'm feeling.  Anywhere between 10k and 16k works for me.  The other days I do what I want.  I'll run 40 minutes, 10k, hills or intervals.  Whatever I'm in the mood for.  I like the freedom of choice.

This week, it seemed like the world was conspiring against my running routine.

I took Monday off, as per usual. 

Tuesday night, I planned on running about 10k.  I adjusted my basal rate and planned my route.  At the last minute, I happily cancelled when a wonderful friend agreed to stop by for some wine and stinky cheese.  I figured, what the hell, I'll run on Wednesday and Thursday.

Then my mother called to invite Doug and I to go see Cirque du Soleil with her and my father.  On Thursday night.  The selfish part of my brain said "what about running??" but the part of me that embraces adventure and loves family time won out and said yes.  So we're off to Hamilton on Thursday.

That left Wednesday night. As per usual, I was meeting my friend Matt for a 5k run. 

At 5pm it was 34 degrees with a humidex of 40.

I showed up hydrated, eloaded and ready to run.  He showed up in cotton shorts, a cotton t-shirt and no hat.

He lasted precisely 8 minutes and 44 seconds before he asked if we could turn around and head home.

That means that this week I will have run a grand total of 18 minutes.

Not exactly marathon training numbers.

It was driving home after the 18 minute run when I realized that life takes care of me.  I have not had an easy week in weeks - because it's not on the schedule.  There is no schedule...yet.  I've just been running and, while I haven't been pushing too hard, I haven't been taking the proper time to rest either.

I am apparently the victim of a life-imposed easy week. 

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